Solar Head of State – Project Manager

PIDF Program – Solarisation of Head of State Residences in Pacific Island Development Forum Member Countries

The SHOS project is a non-profit multi-stakeholder partnership that aims to address the multiple energy challenges faced by Pacific Island Countries (PICs). The project consists of installing Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on executive residences or other publicly-owned buildings of national importance in 11 islands: Fiji, Tonga, Kiribati, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, RMI, FSM, Palau, Tuvalu, Timor-Leste and at the PIDF headquarter in Suva, Fiji.

Project partners include Solar Head of State, the Pacific Island Development Forum, United Nations Devleopment Program, United Nations Office of South-South Cooperation, Government of India and 11 Pacific Island Governments.

Project goals include:
 The training of on-site users to operate and maintain the PV based systems on a day-to-day basis.
 The implementation of local and global public outreach and dialogue with policymakers on the need to speed up the uptake of sustainable energy as part of meeting the Pacific Island Countries ambitious energy sector and climate change mitigation targets.

The expected final outputs are:
 Solar based power supplied to executive residences/buildings of national importance in those
 Onsite capacity established at the executive residences//buildings of national importance and the PIDF headquarter to successfully operate and maintain the solar PV systems on a day-to-day basis and the public is aware of the benefits of solar power.

The project manager is expected to work independently to progress the project. This includes managing and maintaining the project scope, schedule, budget, actions and deliverables of SHOS. In addition the PM will lead coordination of vendors and numerous project partners.

Desired qualities for the successful candidate may include:
 Project manager experience dealing with complex multi-stakeholder projects with multi-million dollar budgets.
 Knowledge of renewable energy systems and experience coordinating with engineers.
 Experience with government tender processes.
 Experience coordinating international shipping and logistics.
 Experience working in the Pacific Islands or other SIDS countries. Current physical location in the Pacific or Pacific-rim country is desirable.

Successful candidates will need to be flexible in their hours committed which is expected to range between 4 and 14 hours per work over a 2 year period. Work schedule is extremely flexible and may include travel opportunities to project sites.

The project include opportunities to work with national governments and major international organisations and successful PM will gain access to SHOS’s extensive network of partners and stakeholders.

Factors such as renumeration and hours are flexible and will be discussed with individual candidates.


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