Policy and Planning Division (PPD)

The Policy and Planning Division, on ad-hoc basis, handles a centralised oversight function on energy related matters across Government Ministries. Its primary function has been to coordinate and facilitate formulation of national energy policies and strategic plans for Tonga. The Division consists of three units which are the Petroleum & Transport unit, Regulation Enforcement unit and the Planning unit. The three units in collaboration aims to deliver effective and proficient services to all the Divisions and ensuring their respective key daily roles are carried out.

  1. Petroleum & Transport Unit
  • Assess and review the existing business model for supply, storage and distribution services in the Kingdom to ensure the best affordable prices and services of fossil fuels are experienced by the people of Tonga. An energy database is also being regularly updated under this division which covered petroleum and transportation sectors.

2. Regulation Enforcement Unit

  • The Division has so far been responsible for implementation of TERM 2010-2020 strategic plan and has now in a position to coordinate the new TERM Plus 2021-2035. PPD has also been very instrumental in the development of the Energy Framework Bill with the intention to provide the overall governance framework bill for the energy sector, the development of Minimum Energy Performance and Labelling regulations, the Tonga Energy Efficiency Master Plan and now proceeding to development of Long-term Emission Development Pathway in collaboration with other Departments. All these strategic plans and drafted regulations are expected to be incorporated in the Energy Framework Bill that regulates energy services, including electricity, petroleum products and other energy services, carrying out all activities required by the term of a concession contract or regulations made under the Bill. Renewable Energy and RE Research/Development Division.

3. Planning Unit

  • Aligning all energy development initiatives with national, regional and international strategic policies and frameworks has also been part of the Division’s main focus. Provision of a conducive market field for renewable energy and energy efficiency developments through pursuing of appropriate set of rules and regulation has been a key role of the division.